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We are a dynamic team of experienced professionals with backgrounds in space technology, remote sensing, and AI/ML. As a young startup, we are driven by a shared passion for innovation and a commitment to transforming various human activities on Earth. We believe in the power of technology to create a sustainable living environment.


SatLeo Labs envisions a safer and more sustainable planet Earth. We are dedicated to empowering governments, communities, and businesses with our innovative space-centric technology. By leveraging space data, we aim to make a significant impact on our world's challenges, contributing to a more sustainable and prosperous future.


We are at the forefront of innovation, harnessing the power of space technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and data science to capture the heartbeat of our planet. Our mission is to provide high-resolution thermal imagery from our Low Earth Orbit MicroSat constellation, creating datasets that are not only incredibly relevant but also near-real time. These datasets are instrumental in driving meaningful insights across sectors such as Agriculture, Urban Planning, Defense, and Climate Change using cutting-edge AI/ML and advanced analytics.

Our Approach

At SatLeo Labs, we have been working on a mission to develop constellation of satellites into the Low Earth Orbit to capture Thermal Imagery with extremely high spatial and temporal resolution. This will help us generate extremely accurate thermal data for the entire earth on a near real time basis.

So far there is very less work done on capturing high resolution Thermal Imagery because of the limitation of the technology and its high cost involved. We have developed in house technical expertise in designing high resolution Thermal IR Sensor and would be integrating with our payload.

High spatial and temporal resolution capabilities will help us address various use cases across Agriculture, Defence, Urban Planning and Climate Change.We are powering up our MicroSat with Edge Computing capabilities to enable various data processing and data analytics on the Edge itself with the reduced latency and faster response.

"Land surface temperature (LST) is a key variable of the Earth surface energy process, hydrological balance, and climate change."

Why we are disrupting Earth Observation from Space?

SatLeo Labs is disrupting Earth Observation from Space by bridging the gap between spatial and temporal resolutions for land surface temperature (LST) data. LST is a critical parameter for understanding Earth's energy processes, hydrological balance, and climate change. Our unique approach positions us to generate thermal data with an ideal balance of spatial and temporal resolution, addressing critical environmental monitoring needs.

Industry Use Cases


Enhancing productivity of the food security value chain

Potential use of thermal imaging in agriculture and the food industry includes predicting water stress in crops, planning and scheduling irrigation, disease and pathogen detection in plants, predicting yield, and monitoring crop life cycle.

Urban Spaces

Enabling Green Urban Spaces

By leveraging thermal satellite imagery, urban planners, emergency management agencies, and policymakers can gain valuable insights into urban environments, leading to more informed decision-making, improved resource allocation, and the creation of sustainable and resilient cities.


Keeping the borders safe

By leveraging satellite-based thermal imagery, the defence sector can enhance situational awareness, improve operational planning, and support decision-making processes, ultimately contributing to military and security operations’ overall effectiveness and success.

Climate Change

Committed to Net Zero Target

Climate change is globally impacting natural ecosystems and biodiversity. The current global warming trend is alarming as it proceeding at an unprecedented rate. Wind patterns, precipitation amounts, average temperatures, and severe weather events are all changing, putting human health, food, and water at risk.

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